November Snow

Winter comes to Bowland

The sun shone down on a bronzed field of frost and snow in the heights of Bowland on this mid November morning. Brilliantly white it lay in patches on the rusty grass, mirrored in the cotton coloured clouds.

Tree and Moon | KTSI-2082

The trees in Gisburn Forest wore dewy snowdrops like crystals, creating a glittery palace.

Frosty Path | KTSI-2078

The window of blue skies and warm coloured fields did not last long, however. The heavens soon turned iron blue, then cement grey.

Winter Blues | KTSI-2080

The sheep looked cold with their woolly hides soaked and their pastures turning to slush. Days like these in Bowland show hourly atmospheric changes against a wild, rugged backdrop where colours seem to constantly flow as if poured on a wet surface.

Cold Sheep | KTSI-2081