Duncan Phillips

Duncan is an English born photographer. Following his service in the British Army, Duncan returned to school to study art at the F+F School for Art in Zurich, Switzerland. Duncan has lived abroad for 25 years, both in Switzerland and in Spain, where he displayed his art and took on commissioned work for private collectors. Duncan’s art has been inspired by extensive travels. He has used his photography for charitable causes such as an orphanage in Uganda he was actively involved with. Upon his return to Lancashire in 2014 Duncan has once again fallen in love with the wild moors and windswept landscapes of his youth and has started a new portfolio capturing the often rugged nature of England’s north. Duncan prefers black and white and infrared photography to capture an essence of power or dramatic skies in his landscapes. He is an ambassador for STC Optics for camera filters. Duncan is a certified drone operator and enjoys artistic portrayals of aerial views and is for hire for commercial drone work. He also teaches photography and has long-standing experience in the hospitality industry. He likes to show students what local countryside and culture have to offer while his guests enhance their skills on site.

Quick Glance at Duncan’s Work

for bodies of work, see the links under his name or under aerial photography