Knowle Top Studios offers its aerial photography service for commercial or private purposes. Duncan Phillips is Civil Aviation Authority certified for drone photography and can deliver bird’s view images of any building, site or facility, to be used for various purposes.

From marketing portfolios, to architectural-, building- or planning-needs, aerial photography is an industry pillar. Drone photographs can save many man hours on jobs and streamline industrial processes. Please enquire for costs, as they are depending on the lay of the land and hours of service required, as well as legal factors.

For non-fly zones, we provide a 10 metre mast as an alternative for aerial views.

For an aerial photograph of a homestead, we charge £250. This includes site visit, aerial coverage and the client receives the right to all processed images. For £475 we include a brushed aluminium print of up to 75×50 or 80×45

Aerial photographs also make for unique artistic imagery and landscape photographs which are displayed at the gallery.