Those Signs of Spring

One morning a sound rolls through Bowland skies as if an orchestra of flute-playing sprites are sailing over our hills. Curlews have returned. Soon they’re joined by the rolling caw of lapwings and from every nook and cranny hares emerge, lured outside their forms by the ever-increasing strength of the sun that infuses the grass with a most enticing shade of golden green.

Daylight hovers at dusk, as if unwilling to disperse now that our flora starts marbling with the softest pastel hues which come to life under sun’s masterful creations.

Birds are turning our hedgerows into one great nest, proclaiming their projects’ progress to neighbours of every shape and form, meeting over a meal of worms that are shyly poking their heads from soft, churned soil. In the woods, the owl is hunting for their partner sitting on eggs in an old abandoned barn, hoping their home will hold for yet another season so new life has a chance to emerge.

Spring is not for the faint-hearted, but celebrates our potential’s full embrace. With every added breath of daylight, possibilities sprout for all who’re brave enough to dare, by choice or pulled by destiny’s strings, riding the hands on nature’s clock for yet another season, yet another turn of life.