KTSI-2117 | New Life

A Promise of Spring

KTSI-2120 | Raven's Tree

Winter is pulling on spring’s coat tails like a petulant child, needing to make a stand. Spring, however, shakes the bland skies and freezing air day after day, unfolding its dress of colours, draping it over the black and white landscapes.


With dewdrops shed like tears, night withdraws, each morning a little earlier.

KTSI-2115 | Lamb's Portrait

The lambs, still wobbly on unsure legs, inch forward into a new season, to claim the sprouting new grass.

KTSI-2114 | Spring Tree Bark

With their bark, the trees have begun the long process of dressing in finery to welcome sun’s reign

KTSI-2113 | Rolling Horse

And so, grass and bud, beetle, frog and horse, all rise up and shake off the old, breathing the first true promise of spring