Spring Revelations

Stop fidgeting, quell the impulse to look at your phone, to change your location, but stay put and attune yourself to your surroundings. Let your eye wander across the fields, the moors, observe the nuances in light on the maroon bracken, the gold-tipped meadow-grass, the lichen on the dry-stone wall.

Listen to the lapwing’s call, the curlew’s song and the whirr of different sets of wings. Once your breathing has synchronised to the hour and the place many of nature’s inhabitants start to reveal themselves: The movement in the reeds is indeed a roe buck. The shape in your periphery is a little owl, landing on the wall, then taking off to get a look at you. The tiny shadow on the grass right next to you is a vole, hushing in and out of her hole to collect seeds.

The twitching is a pair of hare’s ears, the shaking leave is a blue tit, and when the light hits the underside of a barn owl’s wings, follow its flight and you may find its lair. And if you’re lucky, some may even join you on their window-sill to watch the evening unfold in sweet companionship.