Air Traffic | MM-16-4

Arrivals at Martin Mere

After living ten years on the Texas Gulf Coast where shorebirds populate the stretches of dunes and sand banks in the winter months, the need to find some avian activity in Lancashire could not be ignored. Driving towards Martin Mere Wetland Centre off A59 I heard a concert of honks high above me and looking up saw the familiar V of a formation flight. Following the birds I arrived at the Wetland Centre, paid the fee of £12 and settled myself into a blind to be overwhelmed by geese. With fluttering activity of landings and take-offs, lines of birds interweaving in a mixed play of sun and clouds, it was difficult to focus the camera. Two lone swans moved in the opposite direction from all the geese, as if to set themselves consciously apart.


Using my favourite panning technique, I painted with light and turned the scenes into pastel water-colours.


An orange-billed greylag goose made a show of flapping its wings close to my stand.

Greylag Goose