Golden Grass

A Matter of Perception

My fascination with grass, its filigree beauty rooted in a common, if not ordinary, existence, has developed during hours waiting on the meadows on Pendle, for a hare, the sunset, or just the right cloud formation. My vision wandered downwards to the carpet covering the lands.

Meadow's Embroidery

A fascination lays in the knowledge that what is minuscule to one, is the whole world to another. Humans and flies, midgets, bugs, we all co-exist, but do we share common ground?


Maybe the fascination roots in how perception depends entirely on focus, how a minuscule adjustment in position, exposure and aperture can result in a very different image.


And on top of these outlooks through the lens and beyond, every second of every minute of every day gives us different light conditions above, and time’s passage offers different growth to receive its glow.

Amber Glow